Cummins QSX15 Engine Assembly

Description: Cummins QSX15 Engine Assembly, brand new and genuine

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Product Description

QSX is a new engine developed by Cummins for the 21st century. It adopts a double overhead camshaft design, which can produce greater traction and braking force. There is also a variable output turbocharging system, which can output more power when the engine speed is high, and increase the engine's air intake when the engine speed is low, thereby improving the response characteristics of the system. Using advanced in-cylinder combustion technology, the QSX engine not only meets the third-stage emission standards (Tier 3) of European and American off-road mobile equipment, but also has a technology platform for the fourth-stage emission (Tier 4).

QSX15 Engine Specifications

Engine type In-line 6 cylinders
Displacement 15L
power 280-448KW
Maximum torque 1825-2542 N/M
Bore and stroke 137mm x 169mm
Air intake method Turbocharging and air-to-air cooling
Engine oil capacity 45.42L
Coolant capacity 18.9L
Length 1443mm
Width 1032mm
Height 1298mm
Weight 1451kg

Performance characteristics and advantages

1.Double overhead camshaft: The first camshaft drives the high-pressure fuel system, and the second camshaft controls the intake and exhaust valves. 2.The patented turbocharger with wastegate valve can output maximum power at various speeds. 3.High-pressure fuel system, the combustion is cleaner and more efficient, and the fuel injection pressure is as high as 30,000 psi. 4.The Quantum electronic control system optimizes engine operating performance. The intelligent electronic control system makes QSX's fuel applicability wider. Kerosene can be used without diesel. 5.Heavy-duty piston rings, pistons, bearings, made of high-strength alloys, with a service life of more than 21,000 hours (35% load rate). 6.Engine protection system to minimize damage and downtime 7.The downtime is shorter, due to the longer maintenance interval.

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Porduct application

QSX engines are widely used in a variety of applications such as agriculture, mining, construction machinery, etc., and are a perfect part of industrial equipment. The electronic control module (ECM) of QSX can obtain information from other on-board systems and adjust the performance parameters of the engine to meet the needs of various operating conditions. All in all, the QSX engine has outstanding performance whether it is assembled with new host equipment or used to replace the engine with old equipment.

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