Cummins QST30 Engine Assembly

Description: Cummins QST30 Engine Assembly, brand new and genuine. Based on the Japanese Komatsu SA12V-140 engine, it was manufactured in 1988 and can be used for loaders, bulldozers and dump trucks. Cummins and Komatsu are joint ventures to produce at CIC in the United States. They began to be used in generator sets in January 1996.

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QST30 Engine Specifications

Model Cummins QST30-C1050
Form 12-cylinder, water-cooled, V-shaped, four-stroke, electronic control
Cylinder diameter 140mm
Piston stroke 165mm
Displacement 30.5L
Compression ratio 15.7 :1
Rated power/speed 783KW/2100 r/min
Maximum torque 4630 N·m/1300 r/min
Idle speed 650 r/min
Total mass 3171kg
Cummins QST30-C1050 electric injection engine is a 12-cylinder, v-shaped Angle of 50 degrees, 4-stroke, water-cooled direct injection, supercharged intercooling engine, based on The Japanese Komatsu SA12V-140 engine, began manufacturing in 1988, widely used in mining dump trucks, loaders and bulldozers and other equipment. QST30 engine and other types of engine, by crank connecting rod mechanism, gas distribution mechanism, fuel supply system, lubrication system, cooling system and starting system.

Fuel injection system functions and advantages

1.Dual RP39 Bosch fuel pump 2.Engine Electronic Control System 3.Reduce fuel consumption, improve acceleration response and reduce smoke exhaust under various working conditions. 4.Cancel the mechanical throttle cable (electronic throttle) 5.Optimize engine performance characteristics 6.Provides the same control characteristics as the rest of the Quantum family

Features and advantages of cast iron pistons

1.Adopt the same design used by Komatsu 2.Higher cylinder pressure bearing capacity than aluminum pistons 3.The use cycle is greatly extended 4.Work closely with the cylinder liner to eliminate cavitation problems

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Advantages of pre-lubrication system

1.Prevent errors in maintenance operations:Prevents starting the machine when there is no oil pressure, and won't dry start. 2.Improve overhaul cycle and component life 3.Increased motor reliability and durability, reducing operating costs

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